yesterday s mistakes

içinde yidişçe bir dua barındırır bu mis gibi şarkı:
"velifnei konech techinateinu hapili. uvead amech, uvead amech.."
diyor ki;
"geçmişte yaptıklarım yanlışları affet... amin, amin..."

oi va voi'nin mis gibi şarkısı.

dont need another resolution
to feel as though ım going somewhere, somewhere

you said you needed me
or at least thats what i thought
at times the memories
seem to be knocking at my door
ive seen the film a million times
feels like i wrote the storyline
i refuse to replay
the mistakes that we made yesterday

(burda yukarıdaki dua giriyor)

i like to think im stronger now
victim of common sense
the truth is that i know i still
confuse the past with the present tense
condensing what we had
to a single frame
that sticks in my mind
when i try to move on
the same image comes back every time

(dua tekrar)

forgive my selfishness
id be grateful if you can
forget my ingratitude
you think im twice the girl i am
they say we should forgive
but not forget
what has gone before
i refuse to replay
the mistakes that we made yesterday
oi va voinin en güzel şarkısı ne zaman dinlesem bi hüzün çöküyo