all rise

blue grubunun çıkış albümü ve aynı isimli albümde yer alan şarkı.
şarkının sözleri

your honor please,
gotta believe what i say,
what i will tell,
happened just the other day,

i must confess,
cause i've had about enough,
i need your help,
gotta make this here thing stop,

baby i swear i'll tell the truth,
about all the things you used to do,
and if you thought you had me fooled,
i'm telling you objection overruled,

here we go, oh baby

one for the money and the free rides it's,
two for the lies that you denied
all rise, all rise
three for the calls you've been making,
four for the times you've been faking
all rise, all rise
i'm gonna tell it o your face
i rest my case