i am nothing

katatonianın tonights decision albümünde var bu şarkı.
"ben hiçbir şeyim" diyor, ve dünyayı, yapıtıklarını, ettiklerini, yapmadıkları ve yapamadıklarını sorguluyor.
can yakıyor.

tonight im nothing
it doesnt matter where ive been
delay of reaction is
the unseen movie of this life

i remember one of my friends
telling me to go ahead

water on every side
theres a dead spot in my eye
if i listen close at night
theres something coming my way

like someone called my name
but i didnt care to look that way
i just fixed my eyes into the crowd
it would have been strange to turn around

if you would tell me that i was someone
then for a second i would think
just like i would try to consider
how it would feel to know

i have to get on with this
its a decision for tonight
out to look for chances
it is murder of my mind

once i was someone new
i was chosen for a while
then with time i am changing
at least that is what they say

what is worth with being here
i pray so often for a change