ingilizce bilmeyen yazarlar sözlükten uçurulsun kampanyası

i, here, would like to start a campaign in order to get rid of all those bloody effing bastards that use ayı sözlük and without a glimpse of shame, continue ignoring the fact that they do not know one tiny word from the most wondrous and wonderful language of them all: english.
their level of ignorance disgust me and the ones who agree with me. be it beginner or elementary, unless their level of english is upper-intermediate, those so-called writers should be kicked off from this marvelously interactive online dictionary if we all want to reach the top of encompassing civilizations.

hence i, lost soul, have started the campaign on and would love all modernized writers to sign it:

thank you for your cooperation.

tanım düzenlemesi:
ilginç kampanya.

şu ana kadar 2 ingiliz ajanının imza attığı kampanya. aym şakt.

(bkz: ingilizce bilmeyen yazarlar rahatsız)
ayı sözlüğün dili türkçedir. tüm entrynin ingilizce veya başka dilde oluşu entrynin silinme sebebidir.

fakat şu yapılabilir,

(bkz: ayı sözlük english)
recommended action against to this title is in the links which is shared below;